Record Store Day 2013 Vinyls

ImageRecord Store Day is bloody brilliant! Check out this set of three 7″ singles by the Death Waltz Recording Company. Each Ltd vinyl features two classic Sci-Fi themes including The Twilight Zone, Lost in Space and The Munsters. Also included are these amazing prints by Design Company We Buy Your Kids.


Tomy Robots


Meet the family!! This is my collection of 1980’s Tomy Robots which I have been picking up from car boots and junk stores for the past few years. Out of all my weird collections I think these guys are my favourite. The family is still growing so if you spot any missing brothers or sisters let me know!

Some amazing bo…

ImageSome amazing books which I have recently picked up featuring artwork by Legendary illustrators Alan Aldridge and David Pelham.

Our neighbour B…


Our neighbour Belinda has just brought us some Hot Chocolate from her hols in Spain. Don’t know what penguins have to do with Spain or Hot Chocolate buts it’s one funky label design.

Psychedelic coffee pot


I found this amazing psychedelic Crown Devon coffee pot on a market stall in York and had to buy it! After haggling the lady down from £6 to £4 I felt guilty and gave her £10, I suck at haggling!

A is for accordion



Finally found time to hang our amazing ‘A is for accordion’ screenprint. It’s by local lass Emily Sutton who lives just around the corner. Check out her work

 A new poster …


A new poster design for ‘The Baby and Birthday Boogie Bonanza’. A very special gig celebrating the birth of my best man’s first baby boy Louis. The design was inspired by early jazz club posters of the 50s/60s.

Wedding Invites

Designing mine and Joeys wedding invites has been one of my favourite projects to date. They were designed to be folded up and posted out as one neat little package and include all the information needed for our big day. Inspiration came from lots of places, ranging from my passion for letterpress posters to the colour of the bridesmaids dresses.
I hope you like them as much as we do.

Record Store Day 2012 Poster

Record Store Day is one of my favourite days of the year so it was an honour for Milk Club Creative to design a poster for Yorks finest record store ‘The Inkwell’. Join them on Saturday 21st April for great music and vinyltastic goodness!