Tomy Robots


Meet the family!! This is my collection of 1980’s Tomy Robots which I have been picking up from car boots and junk stores for the past few years. Out of all my weird collections I think these guys are my favourite. The family is still growing so if you spot any missing brothers or sisters let me know!


Some amazing bo…

ImageSome amazing books which I have recently picked up featuring artwork by Legendary illustrators Alan Aldridge and David Pelham.

Psychedelic coffee pot


I found this amazing psychedelic Crown Devon coffee pot on a market stall in York and had to buy it! After haggling the lady down from £6 to £4 I felt guilty and gave her £10, I suck at haggling!

A is for accordion



Finally found time to hang our amazing ‘A is for accordion’ screenprint. It’s by local lass Emily Sutton who lives just around the corner. Check out her work

 A new poster …


A new poster design for ‘The Baby and Birthday Boogie Bonanza’. A very special gig celebrating the birth of my best man’s first baby boy Louis. The design was inspired by early jazz club posters of the 50s/60s.

Thanks Maraid Design

Thanks Maraid DesignJust received these amazing postcards from the lovely Maraid Design. Images are taken from a collection of vintage matchbox labels and are flippin’ awesome!! Thanks guys : )